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Our games are football turned up to eleven! Instant entertainment for guests at any event where some fun is needed. Almost anyone can kick a ball – but can they pot the black or beat the goalie? One thing’s for sure: they will have fun trying!



The latest craze to sweep the UK, this massively popular game is a blend of pool and football that can be played in a variety of ways – all of them fun.

Kick Off


Sports Package

Turn your event into a mini-Olympics with this mega-package of Fun4Guests sports games.

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Beat the Goalie

A test of football skill for all ages. Can you get one past the goalie? It’s all about placement. Get it wrong and he’ll save it, so give it your best shot!

Shoot Out

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If you are planning a garden party or a birthday party, why not add some extra fun with a football game? They are brilliant fun at wedding receptions too, as well as corporate events, office fun days, and conferences & exhibitions.

Our football games are also used at product launches and marketing promotions, for which we can add branding to project the right company image.

This can be logos, URLs, hashtags, phone numbers or other insignia that help get the message across.

These games are firm favourites with event and party planners around the UK.

Most people like to think they have a bit of football skill, even if they haven’t tried it out recently! That’s why these games are an excellent choice for events: they help break the ice and get guests to socialise whilst doing something almost everyone is willing to have a go at: kicking a ball around. See the game description pages for ideas on the variety of games that can be played and a few tips on how to organise play.

So, contact us and we’ll sort out the football games (and we’ll deliver and set them up if you are not too far away), leaving you free to plan the rest of your event!

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Find out more about hiring our high quality, colourful football games to add extra fun to your party, wedding or other event.

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