This game is unbeatable for parties, especially football-themed ones. Beat The Goalie is a 2.4 x 2m board on sturdy metal feet that comes with a foam football that won’t damage the board. You have to place your shots well or the keeper will ‘save’ them. A great test of football skills and a lot of fun. It can be a game of skill or luck, which is why it is suitable for almost any type of event.

Ways to play

Penalty shootout

Pick two teams and stage a formal penalty shootout! Just trying to remember the rules of penalties is fun in itself. Just make sure you get it past the goalkeeper!


A team-mate throws or chips the ball to you and you try to score with your head. This can be played as best of 5 shots.


The person scoring the most entertaining goal wins.


Teams can both kick the ball and use volleyball moves with their hands! But the ball cannot touch the ground.

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We can provide an area of green astro grass tiles to place the board on. This creates a football atmosphere as it resembles the pitch around the goal and penalty spot. Recreate famous free kicks, stage a team penalty shootout, or take 10 penalties each to choose a winner. Guests can score different points for each hole, with more points for the smallest one, or any number of variations on the game.

Beat The Goalie is printed in high resolution onto waterproof PVC board that isn’t affected by rain, so it can be used outdoors. The foam football is heavy enough for controlled shots but light enough to do minimal damage to whatever it hits.

Can you curl a shot into the top corner? Have a go and find out! Like all good games it’s easy to have a go at but hard to get right. The fun factor is there for able-bodied people of all ages and fitness levels. Most people want to have a go at it because we’ve all got a star striker living somewhere within us. Beat The Goalie is a game that is very likely to make people go ‘Here, hold my beer and watch this!’ and 'That keeper is toast!' – which is one of the reasons we include a foam ball and not an actual football.

Available for hire

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