This new phenomenon in the UK is pool as we know it, but with the volume turned up to eleven! No cue required as you pot the giant balls with your feet! With a large playing area, low-bounce futsal balls designed to stay on the table, and cushions that give an accurate bounce, this is pool as you’ve never seen it before!

Footpool is ideal for entertaining people at events because everyone will want to have a go, and a typical game is fairly short so that there isn’t too long a wait for a game. We can add branding to a footpool table on request, to personalise it for your event. This can include messages, logos, URLs, hashtags, phone numbers or any other insignia that helps to promote your event.

Here are a few variations on the standard game that can be played on a footpool table

Time Trial

Players break off one at a time and attempt to clear all the balls against the clock. The player with the fastest time is the winner! Obviously this makes for a past-paced game.

Quick Fire

Another fast variation, but this time the table is set with one ball of each type and the black. Two players compete at the same time. Play rock, paper, scissors or toss a coin to decide who breaks off. The player who pots their ball and then the black first is the winner! This game last for a few frantic seconds and can be hilarious.


A pub classic upsized to the big footpool table. There is no maximum number of players! All players are given an equal number of ‘lives’ to start with. Each player takes a turn to attempt to pot a ball. If they fail, they lose a life. If they succeed, they don’t get another go but don’t lose a life. The player who stays alive long enough to pot the black at the end is the winner!


Two-player teams compete at footpool. Each player can pass to their teammate to get a better potting angle. But each player only gets one touch and the passed ball cannot come to a stop. Normal pool rules apply: each team sticks to one colour and pots the black last.

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Break off, choose spots or stripes, and see if you can build a break. The playing surface is a synthetic ‘turf’ that provides good grip for safety and allows precise ball control. Players can apply spin to the cue ball just as on a pool table, so the full variety of shot techniques is available.

These tables are sturdy and built to high standards. We deliver and assemble them for you and derig them when your event is over. A great feature of these tables is that the cushions are wide enough to stand on to take a shot, which means players don’t have to step off the table to play when the cue ball is tight against the cushion.

The playing area is 3.5m x 2.5m and the table requires a space of 25 sq m.